The Value Quest …

The most successful organizations innovate step by step. They focus on value creation and have long-term strategic improvement and change programs. Because developing value takes time. And that is exactly what Lean Management aims to achieve.

Lean starts with leadership. It is a management philosophy. A way of thinking and acting accordingly. It means working consistently and methodically, improving and learning. The battle for lean is not easy. Lean does not go top-down or bottom-up. Lean only works if you work with the DNA of the organization as a whole.

But most importantly – and this is true – Lean won’t work if battering down cost is the only dogma for making things happen in your company.

Lean means training, doing, evaluating … and doing again! Lean only works if improvements become tangible and visible. Only then does Lean give operational teams new insights into their way of working. Working together for a better product and a better future for employees is much more inspiring than ‘reducing costs’, ‘reducing errors’ or ‘preventing complaints’.

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